Hi, I’m Kathryn, an artist and coach-in-training based just outside of Dundee. My work is about exploring our sense of self and belonging in a world that can feel simultaneously vast and yet also very small.

My artwork is heavily influenced by the Scottish landscape and its weather. I love movement and texture, and a lot of my pieces involve layering, scraping, and reworking - to build up a feeling of what’s happening both in front of us and in the distance. I try to capture the sense of a moment, all the while knowing that things are ever-changing, as we make our place in this world.

On this website you’ll find my paintings, original artwork for sale, as well as my thoughts on navigating a creative life. As of March I am also offering coaching packages, as part of my coach training. I live in the Angus countryside with an engineer, a disobedient cat, and a troop of happy ducks. You can find me on Instagram, or feel free to shoot me an email about whatever takes your fancy.

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